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The Costs of Health Care Checkpoint While there are several factors that affect the increasing costs of health care, I have identified three major factors. One major cause for the increase is the threat of liability for the physicians. Many people file frivolous lawsuits these days in hopes of cashing in. In addition, there are many doctors who may actually foul up a procedure and get hit with a legitimate malpractice lawsuit. For these reasons, I believe the doctors charge higher prices for their services to build a blanket of coverage in case a lawsuit is filed against them. I believe that the costs of ER visits are high because there are people who will go to the ER for medical reasons that are not of an emergency status. As a result, the hospitals must raise the cost of an ER visit to try and deter people from using their services when their services should be utilized for those having an authentic urgent
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Unformatted text preview: medical situation. The final major reason for increasing the cost of health care would be the technology and research that is used currently. Our technology has increased tremendously over the last 20-30 years. The research that has been performed in order to save lives has been very expensive. The cost of technology does not come cheap. For these reasons, the cost of health care has been increased. Due to the rising costs of health care, many people have been affected. Some people cannot afford the medical attention that they need. Many insurance companies have dropped some of the services they have covered in the past. Insurance premiums have increased so that insured people are the ones that must incur the repercussions of the increasing costs. Those who cannot afford insurance to help pay for medical services are left out in the cold....
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