hca210 week 6My View On Health Care

hca210 week 6My View On Health Care - needs to be changed...

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My View on Health Care My View On Health Care Hope Madewell Axia College of University of Phoenix HCA 210 January 14, 2010
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My View on Health Care In my opinion, the purpose of health insurance is to create a blanket of security. Health insurance is a means of helping people pay for health services rendered, if they are rendered. I found that when I had health insurance, I was more likely to get preventive care and in turn was able to avoid any major illnesses. I do believe that there should be some limits set on the amount of health care to be provided and covered by the insurance companies. However, currently there are many services that people need and have a very hard time getting the insurance companies to cover. In researching different health insurance companies, I found that many, if not all, will not accept someone who has any pre-existing conditions. This is definitely something that
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Unformatted text preview: needs to be changed. Obviously, there should be some timeframes limits on accepting those with pre-existing conditions. An example would be if a person has advanced cancer, they should not be able to sign up for insurance and have that insurance go into effect immediately for services related to the treatment of the cancer. However, they should not be automatically denied insurance coverage because they are ill. Insurance should be a right not a privilege. In order for everyone to have health insurance made available to them, we would need to consider where the funds would come from. I believe that health insurance should be run by the government. A small 1% tax would help in curbing the costs and most likely save lives....
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hca210 week 6My View On Health Care - needs to be changed...

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