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Assignment No 1 1. Briefly define each of the following orbits: LEO, MEO, GEO. 2. Consider the three principal orbit ranges, LEO, MEO, and GEO. Using at least five different parameters (e.g. delay), compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of each of the above three orbits for a global satellite telecommunications network that carries voice, video, FAX, and data. 3. List some of the typical services found in each of the orbits mentioned in question 2. 4. Considering the distribution of TV channels to the end user,
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Unformatted text preview: explain the relative advantages and disadvantages of a satellite system (e.g. Direct TV, DishNet, etc.) when compared to a terrestrial system (e.g. cable TV): 1. From the user’s point of view 2. From the operator’s point of view 5. Obtain the upper and lower limits (in MHz or GHz) of the following frequency bands: C, Ku and Ka. Submission Date: Monday, 26 th March, 2012 before 9:00am...
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