Bio chpt 3 - Biology Reading guide Instructions: These...

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Biology Reading guide Instructions: These reading guides are not assignments. There is an incredible benefit to using them however because often the questions from here become exam questions. The answers to book questions can be found in the back of the book. 1 st hour exam covers Ch. 3 & 4. This is the guide for chapter 3: Ch. 3: This chapter is really a continuation of the “things that are crucial for life” bit from the previous chapter. Reading to focus on: Concept 3.1 – o Part on Macronutrients: Water, carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats are considered macronutrients because we need them in large quantities. Basic use of each: Water: used to deliver nutrients and water Carbohydrates: used for main source of energy for cells Amino Acids (Proteins): Fats: used for energy for cells (twice as much as carbs or proteins) o Part on Micronutrients: These are needed in small amounts. Know vitamins are used as coenzymes. Uses of minerals:. Calcium: Strengthens bones and blood clotting Chloride: Formation of stomach acid Magnesium: Required component of many enzymes Phosphorous: Bone and tooth formation Sodium: Water balance and nerve function Sulfur: Components of many proteins Technical term to know: Nutrients: substances in food that provide structural materials or energy Macronutrients: nutrients required in large quantities Dehydration: Loss of water Complex carbohydrates: carbohydrate consisting of 2 or more monosaccharide
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Bio chpt 3 - Biology Reading guide Instructions: These...

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