Bio Chpt 5 - Biology Reading guide Instructions: These...

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Biology Reading guide Instructions: These reading guides are not assignments. There is an incredible benefit to using them however because often the questions from here become exam questions. The answers to book questions can be found in the back of the book. Ch. 5: We have covered some of the basics on how cells live, now this is how cells reproduce. Reading to focus on: Concept 5.2 – o Asexual = one parent & little diversity in offspring. Sexual = Two parents and lots of diversity in offspring. o Genes and chromosomes –(know terminology) A gene is a section of DNA that codes for a protein. There are thousands of genes strung together on a chromosome. When you copy DNA, you make a sister chromatid that is attached to the original one at a centromere. Try to draw this set of sentences now. o DNA replication – I brought this up because those DNA polymerase proteins aren’t perfect, leading to the possibility for mutations. Technical term to know: Asexual reproduction: a type of reproduction in which one parent gives rise to genetically identical offspring. Sexual reproduction: reproduction involving two parents that give rise to offspring that have unique combinations of genes. DNA: (Deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule of heredity that stores the information required for making all of the proteins required by the cell. Genes: discrete unit of hereditable information about genetic traits. Consists of a sequence of DNA that codes for a specific polypeptide-a protein or a part of a protein. Chromosome: sub cellular structure composed of a long single molecule of DNA and associated proteins, housed inside the nucleus. Sister chromatid: either of the 2 duplicated, identical copies of a chromosome formed after DNA synthesis. Centromere: region of a chromosome where sister chromatids attached and to which microtubules bind. DNA replication: the synthesis of two daughter DNA molecules from one original parent molecule. Takes place during the S phase of the interphase.
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Bio Chpt 5 - Biology Reading guide Instructions: These...

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