Bio chpt 6 - Biology Reading guide Instructions These...

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Biology Reading guide Instructions: These reading guides are not assignments. There is an incredible benefit to using them however because often the questions from here become exam questions. The answers to book questions can be found in the back of the book. Ch.6: This chapter goes into more detail on inheritance Reading to focus on: Concept 6.1 – o I hope you know where babies come from already. o You should really understand the instruction book analogy for your genome or come up with some analogy that also works. Figures 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, and 6.6 fully explain the instruction book analogy. o Other things from here: Know how people can be so diverse in their characteristics. o 1. Genetic mutation o 2. Segregation of alleles during independent assortment. Because of the random alignment of chromosomes during metaphase 1, this means that one person can create a wide variety of gametes. Remember my playing card example? o 3. Random fertilization – Combining two gametes increases genetic variability further. Technical term to know: Sperm: gamete produced by male organism Egg: gamete produced by a female organism Genetic variation: differences in alleles that exist among individuals in a population. Mutation: change to a DNA sequence that may result in the production of altered proteins. Alleles: alternate versions of the same gene, produced by mutations Homologous Pair: set of two chromosomes of the same size and shape with centromeres in the same position. Homologous pairs of chromosomes carry the same genes in the same locations but may carry different alleles. Segregation: separation of pairs of alleles during the production of gametes. Results in a 50% probability that a given gamete contains one allele rather than the other. Independent assortment(random alignment):the separation of homologous pairs of chromosomes into gametes independently of one another during meiosis. Random fertilization: the unpredictability of exactly which gametes will fuse during the process of sexual reproduction.
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Bio chpt 6 - Biology Reading guide Instructions These...

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