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Biology Reading guide Instructions: These reading guides are not assignments. There is an incredible benefit to using them however because often the questions from here become exam questions. The answers to book questions can be found in the back of the book. Ch.7: This chapter goes into more detail on inheritance Reading to focus on: Concept 7.3 – o This section finished out with the other types of inheritance that chapter 6 did not explain. Know the types of inheritance well enough that you can point out an example of each. Technical term to know: Incomplete dominance: a type of inheritance where the heterozygote has a phenotype intermediate to both homozygotes. Codominance: two different alleles of a gene that are equally expressed in the heterozygote. Concept 7.6 – Look at the following sections: o What is the point of PCR in a forensic analysis? Often the analysis has to be carried out with a tiny amont of evidence from a few drops of blood or a single hair, so DNA has to be amplified.
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