Bio chpt 16 - Biology Reading guide Ch.16: This chapter...

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Biology Reading guide Ch.16: This chapter goes into detail on tissues, organs, and organ systems. Reading to focus on: Concept 16.1 & 16.2 – The most helpful way to organize this in your head is by tissue type and then subtype. You can separate the tissue types and subtypes by knowing the characteristics of each. First is epithelial tissue – Basically a liner (coating in the bed of a truck). One cell thick if the purpose is to let substances cross from one side to the other, multiple cells if you are seeking to keep substances inside and not cross. Second is connective tissue – These can be organized by their matrix and function Loose connective tissue – loose matrix of fibers, good for support when elasticity is needed. (skin: holds skin to body, holds organs in place) Adipose tissue – Mostly cells for energy storage and cushioning, little matrix. (fat, like football pads, stores energy) Blood – Matrix is plasma and used for transport (Cells-red & white, platelets- clumps of proteins, matrix-plasma) Fibrous connective tissue – woven matrix of fibers, good for strong connections like muscle-bone. (like a Chinese finger-trap; tendons-muscle to muscle, muscle to bone, ligaments-bone to bone) Cartilage – Cells embedded in a spongy matrix. Good for joint cushions and early skeletal development(baby). (secrete its own matrix) Bone – cells in a crystalline matrix. Good for rigid framework. Constantly being reworked (Cells-osteocytes, Matrix-hard structure with calcium as basis) Muscle tissue – All contract using actin and myosin (2 proteins). You can organize them by whether they are voluntary or involuntary and function. (muscle cells are long, this, and skinny) Skeletal – voluntary control (in bones, moves skeleton, looks like bands) Smooth – involuntary control, digestion/artery size (
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Bio chpt 16 - Biology Reading guide Ch.16: This chapter...

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