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Biology Reading guide Ch.17: This chapter is all about one organ system, the circulatory system. Reading to focus on: Concept 17.2 & 17.3– You should know the chambers of the heart in figure 17.13 and which one pumps out to the body. It helps to know this for interpreting blood pressure. Make a chart of flow. Blood vessels. Figure 17.14 and 17.15 are good for this. Flow = heart arteries capillaries veins heart again. Figure 17.17 is a good spot to apply this. The book doesn’t specifically talk about blood pressure, but it covers all of the ingredients: How much blood is in the system (controlled by reabsorption levels in kidney) How hard the heart pumps and how pressure decreases with distance from the heart (figure 17.16). How you can regulate arteries and capillary beds to change pressure. You can see the smooth muscle that does this in figure 17.18a and figure 17.15. Blood pressure can be the most difficult concept to master on exams because you have to
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