Gov Final Exam - Elite Theory: -All societies have 2...

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Elite Theory: -All societies have 2 classes: ELITES and MASSES -Elites have all the power -C. Wright Mills: Politics, Military, &Corporate hold all the power -Elites exist in multiple circles: Government, Industry, Media, Religion, Military -Elites are largely dependent on one another -Nation's First Elites: 55 RICH, WHITE, MEN -Northerners: bankers, merchants, & lawyers (federalists) -Southerners: planters who owned slaves (anti- federalists) -Founding Fathers believed that elites should rule America's 5 Liberal Principles: -Best gov. is limited, representative -Believe in Individual liberty -Believe in private property -Believe in free market (capitalism) Shay's Rebellion: -Colonies decided to impose taxes to pay war debt -Daniel Shay: lived in Mass, fought in war, came home and farm was destroyed. -Colonists held conventions, wrote letters, and signed petitions for lower taxes -Led to Serious revisions of the Articles Enlightenment: -1500s-1800s -John Locke: Natural Rights Theory-Men are born with the rights of life, liberty, & property -Jean Jacques Rousseau: The Social Contract Theory/Father of the French Revolution -Joseph Priestly: Negative State Theory-Only purpose of gov. is to protect life, liberty, and property -James Burgh: Doctrine of Separation-separation of church & state. first person to use "a wall of separation" Democracy: -a system of gov. by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state 4 features of the Constitution: -Separation of powers -Division of powers -Checks and balance -Individual rights and liberties
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Gov Final Exam - Elite Theory: -All societies have 2...

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