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HISTORY-Cronon Worksheet - Reading Worksheet William...

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Reading Worksheet William Cronon, Changes in the Land Indians 1. How did the Indians occupy the land? Indians moved from place to place with the seasons. They would set up a temporary settlement around the resource they were mainly after and when the seasons started to change, they would go somewhere else. 2. How did their “occupation” influence the natural development of the landscape? Indians knew to work with the seasons not against them. They didn't have a large impact on the environment at all. They were nomadic and never stayed in one place for more than a few weeks. 3. Did the Indians have a concept of land ownership? If so, what was it? What did it mean to own the land for an Indian? No, tribes "refused" to stay in one place. They moved from place to place and everything was temporary. However, when food needed to be stored it was buried and recovered when needed. 4. How did the Indians use the land they occupied? Indians were nomadic and migrated based on what commodities were readily available at that time. People who lived inland would gather around waterfronts and feast on fish and when it was time to hunt they would spread out through the land. Everything they did revolved around the ability to move; even their houses. Europeans 1. How did the European Colonists occupy the land? The Colonists came to the new land and immediately started taking. They never planned to stay there permanently therefore they never really took caution when taking resources. However, Colonists struggled more than one would think. They were always told of how easy it was for the Indians to live off the land and their expectations fell
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HISTORY-Cronon Worksheet - Reading Worksheet William...

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