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Week 6 DQ 4 - Answer

Week 6 DQ 4 - Answer - this is an example of why...

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I do believe freewriting is a good first step to take when approaching a writing assignment. This approach helps you to develop what you want to say. When you write something off the top of your head, it likely will not flow in a way others can understand. You can then go over what you have written and try to develop something that makes sense to both yourself and others. Trying to write and edit at the same time can be a challenge,
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Unformatted text preview: this is an example of why freewriting is a good idea. You can check grammar and spelling after you have written. This method makes complete sense to me although, it will be difficult to grasp as I do tend to check spelling and grammar while I am writing, even if I am writing freely. I will use this method when writing because I believe it will maintain my train of thought and I will not lose focus of what I am trying to say....
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