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Week 6 DQ 2 - Answer - forgotten how to write in a formal...

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Formal writing is rarely used when communicating via text message, e- mail, and instant messaging. I don't believe formal writing has a role when using communicative technologies today. It is rare to read an e- mail or text message from someone that has no grammatical errors. Most of the time people are in a hurry when sending these types of communications and don’t pay attention as if they were writing something formal such as a resume or office memorandum. With the many ways to communicate digitally in today’s society, I think we have
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Unformatted text preview: forgotten how to write in a formal way. Formal writing is often not demanded of us and I think we take advantage of that. These digital communications have influenced the writing process negatively in that we are not required to think critically anymore. We can be lazy and mindless. I am looking forward to formal writing’s because I want to write as I did in school, to broaden my vocabulary and my mind....
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