Week 5 DQ 3 - Answer

Week 5 DQ 3 - Answer - music staff. We also learned (F, A,...

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Currently the only technique I use is, remembering what I have studied by memorizing. I read everything more than once until I retain what I am reading. I have never really considered anything else until now. I believe acronyms would be beneficial to remembering things I have learned. Acronyms are the first letter of several words that form a new word. An example of an acronym for news is (North, East, West, and South). As a music student myself I was taught (E, G, B, D, F) but we remembered it as “Every Good Boy Does Fine”, this taught us the notes for each line in a
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Unformatted text preview: music staff. We also learned (F, A, C, E) known as “FACE”, this represented the spaces between the lines on the music staff. I will use this technique in the near future whenever possible because I believe it does work. I learned the acrostics above pertaining to a musical staff about 21 years ago and at 30 I still remember what it represents. I also like the idea of ridiculous images as a way of visualization. Ridiculous images are hard to be forgotten....
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