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Week 4 DQ 5 - Answer - overcome not wanting to read because...

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The biggest challenge I face to improving my reading habits, is wanting read period. I have never been a reader. One of my high school teachers, who I am still in touch with, asks about my reading all the time. When I was younger and was required to do a book review I would read the back of the book and hope it gave me all the information I needed to pass the book report. Obviously now I am more responsible so I do actually read what is required. I need to
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Unformatted text preview: overcome not wanting to read because reading is an important aspect of learning and retaining information. Reading more and challenging myself will increase my vocabulary and exercise one of my learning styles. Reading aloud will also use a learning style. I use most of the learning styles we learned about in Week 3. I like to see it, hear it, and touch it....
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