Week 3 DQ 2-Response 1

Week 3 DQ 2-Response 1 - sense of responsibility that...

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I guess I interpreted this question as, collaborative learning in an online classroom or setting. I do think collaborative learning in the work place can be beneficial, but I do not currently work in a field that allows me to use this learning approach much. The same advantages and disadvantages exist regardless of the setting. Collaborative learning in a work place can be especially fun working with co-workers and friends. There can also be that
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Unformatted text preview: sense of responsibility that weighs down on you, causing you to feel responsible if the group fails as a whole. I do not want the fate of someone else to be reliant on my performance. That is not to say I wouldn’t contribute my knowledge, but I certainly do not want my fate in the hands of someone else in the work place or the classroom....
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