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Week 3 DQ 1 - US101 - that someone has a better...

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Collaboration to me means, working with others to achieve specific goals. This means coming together to offer different ideas, knowledge, and resources to achieve these goals. Helping each other decide what makes sense for both accuracy and efficiency. Collaboration can also expand critical thinking amongst groups and individuals. Collaborating can foster learning in a few ways. It develops a better understanding of one another for both students and teachers. While collaborating with others you may find
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Unformatted text preview: that someone has a better understanding, or more knowledge of specific subject or matter than you do. If you do not collaborate how would you ever know? You might also be more knowledgeable in certain areas and can offer this information while collaborating with others. Don’t be a closed book! If you are required to use collaborative learning you and the other students in your group are all responsible for one another’s learning; likely making this way of learning more or less desirable to you....
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