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Week 2 Assignment 1 - Action milestones • Week One Am I...

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Goal Action Plan .1 Goal: To Lose 20 pounds in 90 days Type of goal: This goal is both personal and health related Purpose of goal: The purpose of this goal is to be healthier and happier with myself. Major benefit to me: After I accomplish this goal I will be self confident, at a healthier weight, and happier in general. Benefit to others: This goal will benefit my co-workers by making me less likely to be out because of an illness due to being unhealthy. This goal will also benefit my family by making me happier, they too will be happy and I will be able to be a bigger participant in their daily lives. Barriers: Lack of exercise due to time constraints, unhealthy nutritional choices, and lack of support. Solution: Schedule time daily to exercise, only purchase foods that are on the regiment of my chosen diet, look for support where I know it exists.
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Unformatted text preview: Action milestones: • Week One - Am I on track to achieve my goal? If not what adjustments need to be made. • Week Three - I should have lost 5 lbs by now and should be well on my way to achieving my goal. If I am off reassess and perhaps change my target date. • Week Six - Am I still on track to reaching my goal? I can take the weekend off as a reward because I am sticking to my goal. • Week Nine - I should have lost 15 lbs as of week nine. Make any adjustments needed to stay on track for my target date. • Week Twelve - I have hopefully achieved my goal by now and in doing so have a lot to be proud of. Overall target date: My target date is April 21st 2012. If at this time I have not achieved this goal I will not give up and set another target date for myself. No goal is unachievable....
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