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AMY QUIMBY 1 Amy Quimby Mr. Larry Carter Business Ethics – MANA 4342 N1 7 February 2012 Personal Perspectives Paper As a young child, my family was constantly educating me; my father taught me to play tennis, and my mother educated me on the importance of friendship. Together, they taught me important values to ensure that I behaved in an ethical manner. My parents were effective teachers as a result of remaining alert of issues that would likely affect my actions or behavior, effectively communicating their behavioral expectations to me, and studying my actions and reactions to ensure my actions reflected the morals they instilled upon me. All of my grandparents played a key role in my development as well. My mother’s parents lived on a farm outside of Waco, Texas, where they raised livestock, pigs, and chickens. I spent many weekends on their farm; swimming in the grain bin, pulling eggs from underneath chickens, and attempting to milk cows. My Aunt Janie, who was born with Downs Syndrome, lived on the farm with my grandparents. Although Janie’s condition presented challenges, I consider myself lucky to have learned important values that many others will never acquire. For instance, I learned that if I complemented a person’s attire who continued to stare or looked at Janie strangely, they relaxed a bit. Janie had great taste; she agreed with everything that I said. As I grew older, I took Janie to the Waco Athletic and Racquet Club to swim with my friends and me. It never occurred to me they would be uncomfortable with Janie’s condition. It was certainly not
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AMY QUIMBY 2 her personality because she was the friendliest and most forgiving person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not long after our arrival, Janie decided to go down the slide…until she climbed up the 27 stairs and looked down. After sitting on the slide for over an hour, she finally
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