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Session 4 Discussion Board

Session 4 Discussion Board - After re-reading the case...

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After re-reading the case studies from last session (2.2 and 2.3), answer the following questions. 1. Consider Case 2.2 using the utilitarian view and then the market theory view to decide what the ethical course of action should be. Should Americhem place the chemical factory in the USA or in a developing nation, and under what circumstances? Did you come up with the same outcome using each of these two ethical frameworks or not? Compare your thoughts with those from the last class session in which you considered the case from a deontological perspective. If you ended up with a different outcome using the different philosophies, why do you think that happened? 2. Consider Case 2.3 using the care approach. What actions do you think should be taken from this perspective? Are your recommendations using the care approach the same as those using the rights or justice approach? Why or why not? 3.
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