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1. Why should one study operations management? According to authors Jay Heizer and Barry Render, in Operations Management 10e, “Good operations managers are scarce and, as a result, career opportunities and pay are excellent.” 1. To learn how people organize themselves for productive enterprise 2. To learn how goods and services are produced 3. To understand what Operations Managers do 4. Because operations management is a costly part of an organization 5. Answer Question 4 for some other organization, perhaps an organization where you have worked . High School 7. Name the 10 decision areas of operations management. 1. Design of goods and services
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Managing quality 3. Process and capacity design 4. Location strategy 5. Layout strategy 6. Human resources, job design, and work measurement 7. Supply-chain management 8. Inventory, material requirements planning, and JIT (just-in-time) 9. Intermediate and short-term scheduling 10. Maintenance 12. What are the five reasons productivity is difficult to improve in the service sector? 1. Typically labor intensive 2. Frequently focused on unique individual attributes or desires 3. Often an intellectual task performed by professionals 4. Often difficult to mechanize and automate 5. Often difficult to evaluate for quality...
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