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Amy Quimby 1. State Regal Marine’s mission in your own words. Regal Marine is a top manufacturer of luxury performance boats. The family-owned company continues to meet the changing needs of marine consumers through continuous innovations and high quality, unique features. 2. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are relevant to the strategy of Regal Marine. Strengths: Regal Marine offers customers more options, cost savings, and quick response. As a result of constant innovations, unique and high quality features and designs, and global sales, Regal Marine is able to remain strong. Weaknesses/Opportunities: Regal Marine offers customers many new designs each year. Although they pride themselves on cost effectiveness, I believe that they will benefit greatly by reducing the number of new designs available to the public throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: year. They may want to consider consumer anticipation instead of expectation. Threats: Regal Marines biggest threat would be consumer needs based on economic or personal taste changes. They could slow in the future due to lack of material innovations (as stated above). Additionally, competitive products could, at some point, surpass that offered by Regal Marine. 3. How would you define Regals strategy? Regal Marine explains their initial strategy was simply; to differentiate its products through constant innovation, unique features, and high quality. Now, Regal is spending more to develop and implement than to constantly update their initial productsthe products that have already proven buy worth....
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