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Session 2 Discussion Board

Session 2 Discussion Board - While working at the...

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Please go to the Discussion Board and participate in the discussion for this Session . (To get to the Discussion Board, click on the "Discussion Board" link on the left side of the Screen.) 1. Mission Statement In some companies the CEO defines the corporation's mission statement and supporting corporate measurable objectives. Staff members then present the corporate mission statement and objectives to their subordinates. They in turn create mission statements for their levels in the organization and define supportive objectives. This process cascades down through the organization until all employees have helped define mission statements and objectives to support their missions. What, if any, advantages do you see to the process? Does your company have a mission statement? What strategy supports this statement? Base your answers to the above questions on your own experience and material covered in this session. Companies must always make changes to ensure they remain competitive.
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Unformatted text preview: While working at the University of Texas at Arlington, our Program underwent several staffing changes, including that of the Dean. The replacement Dean’s educational background was in planning and development; therefore, she incorporated her ideas within eight months of beginning her new career, by restructuring the Undergraduate and Graduate Departments. This is what I learned from her restructure. A mission statement must be deliberate; it must define the company’s purpose and the reason why it is better able to deliver a product or service than its competitor. In order to develop an effective mission statement, the company leader must know exactly who does what, how, and when. I understand why a company would request individual mission statements; however, I prefer working together as a team because it is the efforts put forth by the entire group that will enable the company both short and long-term success....
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