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7. Describe four organizational approaches to product development. Which of these is generally thought to be best? 1. Traditional U.S. approach: organization has distinct departments that allow for fixed duties and responsibilities to exist. Development department: performs necessary research Engineering department: creates product design Manufacturing engineering department: designs product capable for production Production department: produces actual product 2. Product manager approach to “champion” the product through the product development system and related organizations. 3. Teams approach ( The best-known approach ), which is referred to as: Product development teams Design for manufacturability teams Value engineering teams 4. Japanese approach Does not subdivide organizations into research and development, engineering,
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Unformatted text preview: production, etc. Culture and management style are more interconnected, making individual teams unnecessary Organization less structured than western countries 9. What are three specific ways in which computer-aided design (CAD) benefits the design engineer? Computer aided design Interactive use of a computer to develop and document a product. 1. Shorter design time: Lowers cost and allows a more rapid market response 2. Product quality: Permits the designer to investigate more alternatives, potential problems, and dangers 3. Production cost reductions: Reduced inventory, improved scheduling allows for more efficient use of personnel, faster implementation of design changes...
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