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3. Which 3 of Deming’s 14 points do you think are most critical to the success of a TQM program? Why? I believe that every point within Deming’s TQM program should be singled out. This comprehensive approach includes a management philosophy as well as a strategic management process that focuses on delivering supreme quality to the customer by building quality into every activity within the organization. 9. Philip Crosby said that quality is free. Why? According to Philip Crosby, "Quality control costs money.” He continues by adding that, “Quality is free. We just have to do the work as it was planned, so it conforms to requirements
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Unformatted text preview: and we don't need all that quality control." Additionally, Crosby stated, “Make a commitment to a standard, communicate it, recognize performance, and then recycle.” Quality is the end result of effective and efficient standards shared throughout a company. Although personal components of service can make quality measurement difficult for managers, it is very clear to the customer. For this reason, companies must ensure that total quality management remain an ongoing process....
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