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1. Using at least two different quality tools, analyze the data and present your conclusions. First, I analyzed the data with the Pareto Chart and found fans to be the least satisfied with: 1. Game Day Seating 2. Concession Speed of Service 3. Game Day Printed Program 4. Concession Pricing 5. Game Day Traffic Next, I used the Scatter Chart. I hate this chart and will never use it again…EVER! The results were the same, but were not pleasant to read. 2. How could the survey have been more useful? I agree with allowing people to include comments on the survey cards; however, the comments should have had preliminary codes. “Parking a mess”- how so? “Students too rowdy”- How so?
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Unformatted text preview: It is very obvious the individuals used in the survey were very different; this allows for inaccurate results. Where the surveys taken before or after the game? This is a huge factor because people have had time to park, purchase tickets, buy food, and mentally process negative and positive issues. People who did not attend games need to be surveyed as well. Why are they not going to the games? 3. What is the next step? Prepare a field report to document survey procedures taken, as well as response rates and biases Prepare substantive reports to display what the survey shows, what it means, and what could have been done differently....
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