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Session 8 Discussion Board

Session 8 Discussion Board - Center to be an equal distance...

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Many people considered Ennis, Texas an odd location for Lowes to construct its Flatbed Distribution Center; however, this location has proven to be an excellent choice for the company for many reasons. First, the City of Ennis offered Lowes incredible inducements and incentives that other cities within Ellis County did not. For example, Lowes was immediately offered an ad valorem tax abatement for a period of 7 years. This means that the City of Ennis and Ellis County agreed to base the Center’s property taxes on a percentage of the county's assessment of the property's value. Ennis is definitely the perfect proximity for Lowes’ channels of distribution; this location allows for the Distribution
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Unformatted text preview: Center to be an equal distance to its stores. Ennis enables the Lowes Flatbed Distribution Center to receive its product by railway (Main Line Union Pacific) and ship to stores via truck with absolute simplicity: the railway’s tracks run within six-feet from the Distribution Center’s rear entrance. Additionally, Highway 287, which runs from the Gulf to Canada, as well as I-45, which stretches from Houston to Dallas are also assets available at the Ennis location. Furthermore, the workforce availability in Ennis was also a tremendous draw for Lowes. This was made evident through the hiring of 50 full-time employees; who directly benefit from an estimated $975,000 in annual wages....
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