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Session 3 - MANA 4319 This week you will need to read...

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MANA 4319 This week you will need to read Chapter 2 in your textbook, Leadership: A Communication Perspective , including the case study on page 44. Watch the PowerPoint presentation on Chapter 2. Also, we are reading the online article. Please complete the Self-Assessment on pages 40-41. Then head to the Discussion Board to post your answer to this week's case study questions. To get to the Discussion Board, simply click on the "Discussion Board" button on the left side of the screen. Please do not wait until Sunday to make your posting. Please post by Friday and use the remaining days to respond to your classmates' postings. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Go to the Discussion Board and participate in the discussion for this session. (To get to the Discussion Board, click on the "Discussion Board" link on the left side of the screen.) Discussion Topic: The Laid-Back Leader (page 44 in your textbook). Now that you have read the case study, check out this quote about Roland Ortmayer from Rex Huigens who played under
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