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This week's topic: Identifying different types of leadership power. Below are listed a variety of situations. Match the situation with the type of power you think is operating. A. reward power B. coercive power C. referent power D. legitimate power E. expert power ____ 1. You think about spending time traveling abroad because a teacher you admire very much, Professor Allen, has told you about all of the adventures he has had traveling. ____ 2. You do what your friend Barry says because he has a black belt and threatens to "hurt you" if you don't. ____ 3. You turn in your paper on March 20 because your professor, Dr. Ames, told you if you don't turn it in then, you will receive an "F." ____ 4. You buy a CD player because a musician you know says that it is much better than a tape player.
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Unformatted text preview: ____ 5. You buy your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift on your vacation because you know that he/she will give you a kiss for it. ____ 6. You go on a diet because your doctor told you that you are facing severe health risks if you don't. ____ 7. You decide to go into teaching because of your role model, Dr. Blok. ____ 8. You slow down on the highway because you just saw the highway patrol. ____9. You choose a particular airline for your trip to Sarasota, Florida, because your travel agent told you it was the most reliable. ____10. You choose the "chicken special" because your waitress told you it was the best thing on the menu....
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