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Please create a new thread that lists your highest plotted point (D, I, S, or C) and your top three spiritual gifts. Then write a 200-word paragraph that shares what you learned from the inventory and how you can apply it to your life now and in the future. Please respond to five other postings. “C” is my highest plotted point; I am cautious, competent, calculating, compliant, careful, and contemplative. My next highest point is “D; ” dominating, directing, demanding, determined, decisive, and doing. According to my findings I am a dreamer, initiator, and listener. My Spiritual Gifts are leadership, administration, and discernment. I am not too surprised that leadership, administration, and discernment are my top three Spiritual Gifts. Influencing others has never been difficult for me, as I choose my audience carefully and always make a point to select the appropriate listeners. I have always been able to see the big picture and never think that a problem cannot be worked through and benefitted from.
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Unformatted text preview: I am always looking for more effective and efficient ways to get the job done. My Gift of Discernment is a true gift. I am highly skilled at pin pointing problems and solutions and usually ask the right question to be able to provide the best advice. I feel strongly about obeying the Word of God and have no problem sharing my feelings with others around me. I know that I must learn to listen more and to be more sensitive toward other’s feelings. It is extremely difficult for me to not be judgmental towards others. I do not feel that I am better than anyone else, but I do feel that too many people make mountains out of molehills. Submissiveness and expressing my feelings are almost out of the question in my mind. I know that this sounds horrible, but I just do not know how in the world I can ever let down my exceptionally well constructed wall. I believe I need to begin praying for the ability to submit, as well as to communicate softer feelings toward those around me....
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