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1. When Aaron Feuerstein decided to do the most good for the most people by choosing to rebuild, remain open, and continue to pay his workers, he based on his personal feelings and religious belief. By doing so, he felt that he remained true to himself and did have any regrets. Had Feuerstein moved his company to an area with less-expensive labor, he would have left the citizens of Lawrence jobless and possibly compromised his product’s quality. I believe that business owners have an obligation to remain moral/ethical, but at the same time I feel that they need to make compromises (often temporary) in order to stay afloat. Although Feuerstein’s intentions were honorable, he did not have the resources; therefore, accruing large debts from collectors who subsequently allowed his company to be taken over.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. I know that business value goes far beyond money issues; it does not pertain to monetary terms. Business value concerns issues such as customer value and employee value. Having said this, managers (In this case, Cracker Barrel) must be extremely careful when choosing which can of worms they wish to open. I understand the relationship between Cracker Barrel’s stockholders and its managers to be a two-part connection. Although the Cracker Barrel stockholders are vital to the survival and success of the company and assume the residual risks of directing the business, management does not feel the need to include their input regarding such ideas as its business model or how they are to embrace the business’ intangible assets....
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