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Discussion topic of Confucian, Taoism, Buddhism

Discussion topic of Confucian, Taoism, Buddhism - therefore...

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Discussion topic: Differences between Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism (Some hints) traditions world-views (epistemology) Attitudes to the world paths to liberation/ enlightenment (Soteriology) Confucianism realism-materialism: External world exists, develops by its own laws on which people have no right or capacity to change/control, but with which people should learn how to interact (by effectively interacting with the nature one can affect or under some special circumstances, manipulate) the nature positively engaged: trying one’s utmost and hope for the best (man propose and God dispose) Moral perfection Taoism Realism-naturalism: External world and all the differences they demonstrate are all real, one should learn to dance in pace with the rhymes of the nature aloof and stoic (all the differences perceived are real, but relative and
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Unformatted text preview: therefore meaningless in the long run; stupid to be emotionally involved with the changes and differences in the world; always remain stoic and maintain the peace of your mind) purity of thoughts, passions and unnatural action, appreciation of the beauty of nature Buddhim Between materialism and nihilism: neither being nor non-being, but becoming. Appearances should never be confused with reality, which is beyond the reach of human discursive thinking capacity (reality can only be reached by intuition, meditation, etc) Detached (all the differences perceived are NOT real, but deceptive illusions; detach yourself from any value judgments) positively - seeing thru the deceptive appearances, and penetrating into the enlightening truth; negatively: ridding oneself of illusions and desires driven by the illusions...
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