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1. Introduction - Introduction Taiwan itself was not...

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Introduction Taiwan itself was not incorporated into the Yuan Chinese Empire until after 1683 by the Manchu Qing dynasty. It is difficult for scholars to know why the dynasties back then did not try to incorporate Taiwan into its territory. Some scholars guessed perhaps language barrier is the main reason since the residence in Taiwan at the time did not really speak Chinese. There was tremendous difficulty for the Chinese to communicate, therefore Taiwan did not really have contact with the Chinese. The name, Taiwan, only emerged after the 17 th century when the Dutch people started to occupy the southern part of Taiwan (Anping in 1620s). They called the place they occupied “Da Yuan (Tayouan)”. Later on Da Yuan was used to refer to the whole island. And then the aboriginal people in the 17 th century started to pronounce the Dutch term, they pronounced it as “Taiwan”. The length of Taiwan is about 30,000 square km. The size of Taiwan makes it number 138 th in the world. It is about the size of Netherlands or Vancouver Island. Taiwan in terms of topography is very mountainous. 2/3 of the island is basically covered by mountains. The western section of island is where most of the population are found because there are plains. The climate is semi-tropical in the north and tropical in the south. That’s why they have various vegetables and fruits and are exported. Taiwan was very few natural resources. In early time there was a great deal of coal. However, there is deposit of marbles and other resources and that is why some specialists would say ‘the only abundant resources for Taiwan is human talents’ and in fact, human
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1. Introduction - Introduction Taiwan itself was not...

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