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Unformatted text preview: MATH 101-B Fall 2004 Quiz 12 (10:40-12:30 Group) December 30, 2004 Time: 20 minutes Name: Student No: Follow the directions. No work No credit!! Problem 1 (5 pts.) l n x 2 dx Solution. We will apply by parts. Let u 2x 2 x. Then u x and v x2 ? ln x 2 and v 1. Note that this implies x ln x 2 x 2 dx x x ln x 2 l n x 2 dx 2dx x ln x 2 2x C. Problem 2 (5 pts.) x2 x cos x2 Solution. Let u x2 1 . Then du will be x2 x cos x2 1 1 dx 1 1 2x 2 x2 1 dx dx x x2 1 ? dx. So the transformed integral cos u du sin u sin C x2 1 C (back to the original variable) ...
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