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- In Rhizopus two gametangia fuse to form a zygote 2n found in a zygospore. - A zygospore germinates to form a sporangium releasing spores n produced by meiosis. Drawing a picture of a fungi life cycle is an appropriate question having the student pay particular attention to the different reproductive structure and ploidy. The students are seeing fungi in lecture and have just finished protists, so they should have reviewed. - In lower organisms, particularly fungi, sexually produced gametes are designated produce new offspring. - In R. s (bread mold) how do the spores compare to the hyphal cell in their genetic material? - Molds develop in the form of multicellular filaments which called hyphae. How would spores produced by sexual reproduction differ from spores produced asexually? - Morels belong in the Ascomycota Phylum. - Penicillium belongs in Zygomycota Phylum. Lichens are a symbiotic combination of which two organisms? -
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