Psychology, 2nd Edition

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LA#4 1. What are the two theories of why we sleep? Describe each theory. The adaptive theory of sleep means that animals and humans evolved sleep patterns to avoid predators are most active and restorative theory means that sleep is necessary to the physical health of the body and serves to replenish chemicals and repair cellular damage. 2. List and describe the stages of sleep. Light sleep-people may not realize they are asleep and experience vivid visual events. Sleep spindles- when people drift further asleep and their heart rate and body temperature goes down. Delta waves roll in-waves make up 20-50% then once there are over 50% stage four hits it in the deepest stage of sleep. 3. Why do we need REM sleep? REM stage of sleep in which the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids and the person is typically experiencing a dream. It’s important because it’s the way of dealing with stress and tensions of the day. 4. List three sleep disorders. Describe each.
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PSY101-LA4 - LA#4 1. What are the two theories of why we...

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