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Psychology, 2nd Edition

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LA#5 1. Ivan Palvov Studied classical conditioning which is learning to make an involuntary (reflex) response to a stimulus other than the original, natural stimulus that normally produces the reflex. There are different elements of classical conditioning, (UCS) unconditioned stimulus, (UCR) unconditioned response, (NS) neutral stimulus, (CS) conditioned stimulus, and (CR) conditioned response. 2. John B. Watson Founder of behaviorism and did an experiment called Little Albert. Conditioned emotional response (CER) is emotional response that has become classically conditioned to occur to learned stimuli, such as fear of dogs or the emotional reaction that occurs when seeing an attractive person. 3. John Garcia Created a tool to stop the coyotes from eating all of the farmer’s sheep and so the farmers would not wipe out the coyote population. Biological preparedness is referring to the tendency of animals to learn certain associations, such as taste and nausea. 4. Robert Rescorla
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PSY101-LA5 - LA#5 1 Ivan Palvov Studied classical...

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