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Psychology, 2nd Edition

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LA#7 1. List two ways people think. By mental images, a mental representations that stand for objects or events and have a picture- like quality and concepts, idea that represents a class or category of objects, events, or activities. 2. List and define the types of concepts. Superordinate concept is the most general form of a type of concept, like animal or fruit and subordinate concept is the most specific category of a concept, like one’s pet dog or a pear in one’s hand. Natural concepts are concepts people form as a result of their experience in the real world and formal concepts are defined by specific rules or features. 3. List and describe the methods people use to solve problems and make decisions. Trial and error is a problem-solving method in which multiple tries are made into one successful one is found. Algorithms are very specific, step-by-step procedures for solving certain types of problems and heuristic is an educated guess based on prior experience. Also there is means-end
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  • Spring '12
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  • Intelligence quotient, Mental Ability Test, certain specific intelligence, The American Association on Mental Retardation

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PSY101-LA7 - LA#7 1 List two ways people think By mental...

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