Psychology, 2nd Edition

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LA#9 1. What is the definition of motivation? Is the process by which activities are started, directed, and continued so that physical or psychological needs or wants are met. 2. What is intrinsic motivation? Give an example. Is when a person performs an action because the act itself is rewarding or satisfying in some internal manner. 3. What is extrinsic motivation? Give an example. A type of motivation in which a person performs an action because it leads to an outcome that is separate from or external to the person. An example, is tipping a good server or give a child money for receiving “A” on a report card. 4. What are instincts? Give an example. The biologically determined and innate patterns of behavior that exist in both people and animals. 5. What are instincts approaches to human motivation? Give two examples using theories presented in your text. Is an approach to motivation that assumes people are governed by instincts similar to those of animals. William McDougall thought of curiosity, running away, aggressiveness, and gathering possessions. Also the part of the personality containing all the basic human needs and drives. 6. What are drive reduction approaches to motivation? How is homeostasis related to drive reduction? A drive is a psychological tension and physical arousal arising when there is a need that motivates the organism to act in order to fulfill the need and reduce the tension. Is that assumes behavior arises from physiological needs that cause internal drives to push the organism to
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PSY101-LA9 - LA#9 1 What is the definition of motivation Is...

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