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LA#10 1. The Physical Side of Human Sexuality The Primary Sex Characteristics o List – Female Primary Sex Characteristics vagina uterus ovaries o List – Male Primary Sex Characteristics penis testicles scrotum prostate gland The Secondary Sex Characteristics o Female Breast enlargement Widening of hips Pubic hair Fat deposits o Male Deeping voice Facial and chest hair Pubic hair Coarser skin texture Height increase 2. The Psychological Side of Human Sexuality Define the Concepts Below o Gender- the psychological aspects of being male or female o Gender Roles- the culture’s expectations for masculine or feminine behavior, including attitudes, actions, and personality traits associated with being male or female in cultures. o Gender Typing- the process of acquiring gender role characteristics. o Gender Identity- the individual’s sense of being mare or female. List/ Describe the following influences on gender: Biological Influences- external sex characteristics of the genitals, brain structure, and hormonal. Environmental Influences- parental influences and culture expectations to adhere to gender roles. Culture and Gender- individualistic/nontraditional role adoption versus collectivistic/traditional role adoption. 3. Theories of Gender Role Development
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Define the Theories Below o Social Learning Theory- learning through observation and imitation of models. o
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