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Detailed Outline I. Intro/ Overview A. Background 1. Definition of GM foods according to The World Health Organization; “20 Questions” 2. In 1972 the first genetically modified organism was constructed; Millis B. What are GM and types 1. There 3 different generations of GMs; Schneider 2. Different names for GMs; “20 Questions” 3. Genetic engineering; Whitman 4. 55% of GM plants are grown in the U.S.; Rees II. Environment/ Cross-pollination A. Disadvantages 1. Common bugs that cross-pollinate GM and non-GM plants; Rees 2. Quote of how Canada’s crops were wiped out by cross-pollination; Rees 3. Super weeds are created by random cross-pollination of neighboring GM crops; Anslow 4. Another reason why super weeds are created; Villano B. Advantages of GM to the environment 1. Definition of co-existence; Meade 2. Regulation in Britain of GM crops and other crops to avoid cross- pollination; Middleton 3. Another way cross-pollination can be controlled; Millis III. Health concerns for Humans and nutrition A. Disadvantages 1. There are still unknown factors to the risk of human health B. Advantages 1. Some GM foods increase nutrients and decrease maturation time; K Marian 2. In 2000 a GM salmon was produced and was twice the size, grew ten times faster, while only being fed up to 25% less food; Schneider 3. The Flavr Savr Tomato was invented to keep the fruit from ripening;
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Research Paper Outline - Detailed Outline I. Intro/...

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