EDU22- 12 acronyms - 8 LRE – Least restrictive...

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1. ADHD – Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder = is a disorder that relates to attention and other things. 2. CAPDS – central auditory processing disorders = is when a person’s brain does not interpret the auditory information correctly. 3. DI – direct instruction = is when a teacher gives quality and clear instructions for students. 4. FAPE- Free Appropriate Public Education = it states that parents do not have to pay for special education services. 5. IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act = is a U.S. federal law that governs how states provide special education and related services to children with disabilities. 6. IEP - Individual Education Plan = it is a legal contract between a student with a disability, parents, and school officials. 7. IFSP – Individual Family Service Plan = is like an IEP but for children from birth to three years old.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. LRE – Least restrictive environment = a classroom setting where the student is educated with non-disabled peers. 9. NLDs- nonverbal learning disabilities = students who can read and speak fluently but are unable to interpret nonverbal communication. 10. PLOP – present level of academic achievement and performance = is accurate information on students’ progress and behavior with a disability 11. RTI – Response to intervention = is a three-tiered program to help students with disabilities be successful in special education. 12. SLIs – specific language impairments = when a student has a language disorder and cannot be explained by physical, intellectual, hearing loss, or other disabilities. 13. UDI – universal design for learning = is when building are designed to help provide better access with people who have a disability....
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EDU22- 12 acronyms - 8 LRE – Least restrictive...

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