DQ#5-ASB211 - lives C I believe leaving contraception up to...

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ASB 211/ DQ#5 9/29/11 A. Women are mostly responsible for contraception because they are the ones who become pregnant. They are much more biologically invested in having a child. A woman carries the child in her body for 9 months, and then she can nurse the baby for years. The cost to a man can essentially be one sperm emission that results in fertilization. While men in many cultures help raise children, their resource contribution is more optional. B. This could be symbolic of their lower power because women do not have any control in whether a man chooses to share the responsibility of raising a child. The burden rest mainly with the women. This gives the man someone to blame and society looks down more on an unwed mother than with the man she had sex with. It also shows that women are more valuable in children
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Unformatted text preview: lives. C. I believe leaving contraception up to men would represent a loss of control over women's bodies. Although contraception should be on the mind of both partners, the female partner can take the most steps and be the most reliable in preventing a pregnancy. D. Men don't get pregnant, so they are not as concern about the consequences. I would not trust leaving contraception up to men. Since it's the woman's body, it is eventually up to her whether or not to get pregnant and /or to keep the child. Overall though I believe it is the responsibility of both sexual partners to prevent conception. When people respect one another's wishes about reproduction, it builds trust and creates a safe environment for children in the future....
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DQ#5-ASB211 - lives C I believe leaving contraception up to...

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