DQ#6-ASB211 - Just because homosexuality and bisexuality...

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ASB 211/ DQ#6 10/4/11 A. I think there would be less riots, protests, debates, and questions like this. It could also change the meaning behind marriage and friendships. Also it kind of is already like this because it is becoming more often and acceptable or presented as acceptable. B. Children would be confused and would be unsure on how to behave. Also this will affect the parents because they will now have to worry about girls playing with girls and the same thing for guys. They are now wondering about all sexes when their children play house or doctor. C. It would influence people who are gay to be open about it, which then they would be happier since they do not have to keep it a secret anymore. Also this could lead to people doubting friendly friendships. Girls who hang together would now suddenly find themselves questioning their own and their friend’s motives, this goes for guys too. D. I do not see if affecting what we wear.
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Unformatted text preview: Just because homosexuality and bisexuality would be accepted, does not mean our ideas of what we like would. I think that while society deems gay men, for example, to wear more feminine things, and while we would tolerate them doing so, it would probably not change a straight man wearing more feminine clothes. This would apply to females as well. E. I do not see it affecting the jobs we choose because now-a-days if someone wants a certain job; if they try hard enough they can have it. Also g ay men might still be accepted as great hair stylists, but this would not change society's view that straight men generally do not make good hair stylists. F. In my opinion it would undermine marriage, such men would marry men and there would be a blurry of the roles of men and women. Also marriage is for reproduction; same sexes cannot reproduce together and require assistance from opposite sex and adoption agencies....
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DQ#6-ASB211 - Just because homosexuality and bisexuality...

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