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DQ#7-ASB211 - These surveys included how men and women and...

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ASB 211/ DQ#7 10/18/11 A. Feminist economics refers to a developing branch of economics that applies feminist ideas to economics. Research incorporates debates about the relationship between feminism and economics on many levels: from applying mainstream economic methods to what feminist economists claim are under- researched, questioning how mainstream economics values the reproductive sector, and/or examinations of economic methodology. Basically feminist economic study the importance of women’s unpaid household and care labor to economics, labor in the informal sector, and the impact of economic policies on women. B. Gender-responsive budget is when people examine how national budgets impact women and girls differently than men and boys. Time-use surveys are also another way to study labor.
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Unformatted text preview: These surveys included how men and women, and girls and boys how they spend their time in markets and nonmarket work. They recommend these two options because they reduce the invisibility of women’s unpaid and informal sector labor. C. An informal labor sector means small enterprises, trading, selling, work done on a contract bias in the home, and under the table employment. Feminist economics want the government to pay more attention to women’s unpaid labor in their informal sector because a woman’s paid and unpaid labor is extremely important to a woman’s status, power, and family well-being. Often a women’s unpaid labor is undervalued. Women’s unpaid labor included laundry, cleaning, growing food, cooking, and the well-being of the family....
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