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ASB 211/ DQ#8 10/20/11 A. Companies would be more reluctant to hire a single mother for a demanding position because they know she will not have the same time and availability a single male would have. Also in the United States during a divorce it is more common for the women to take custody of the children. In this case, the single mother is struggling to provide for her family and keep a job. I believe it interferes because if there are complications with the pregnancy a company may not understand if the woman has to be bed ridden for months. Another instance is when mothers have are still trying to make it in the “work force” and care for the
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Unformatted text preview: family. The father does not help out around the house because after working all-day he is tried and needs to rest, so the mother takes care of the children and the chores. Even though they have a job too they are still obligated to go the mom duties. B. I think it isnt consistent with feminists desire for women to be treated equally to men. I do believe in equal employment opportunities for men and women but we were created differently and women need to be treated differently because they get pregnant for 9 months. As I referenced above. Women should be treated differently for feminists to have equity with men....
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