College Dropout Rate - Eng 102

College Dropout Rate - Eng 102 - Dropout Dilemma Millions...

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Dropout Dilemma Millions of students go to college each year to receive an education. Science, history, anthropology, geology, journalism, languages, mathematics, medical, technology, music and fine arts are a few of the wondrous fields a student can receive a degree in. National statistics from the American College Testing (ACT) shows that approximately one in four students will drop out of college their first year (“As National”). From high school to college, there is a big gap with maturity level and furthermore, it is time consuming. The teachers are not in the class to make sure everybody does their homework or to make sure they all pass the class. A student pays thousands of dollars to a four-year university to be educated by the schools leading professors; instead most college professors have their teaching assistants teaching the lectures. Sometimes the teaching assistants are from other countries with heavy accents and it can be difficult to understand. Are the teachers the reason why so many undergraduates are dropping out or are there other factors? Not all college dropouts are permanent dropouts. In fact, a good number of students actually transfer to other schools or take some time off before returning to college. Supporters of universities argue that graduation rates tend to be understated because of transfers. A student enters University A and later transfers to University B after two years. Since the student did not graduate from University A, the student is viewed as a drop out, when in fact she may have received a degree from University B. The evidence on college dropout rates has been exhaustively examined, from
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College Dropout Rate - Eng 102 - Dropout Dilemma Millions...

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