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ENG135 Problem_Solving_Essay - While growing up in a town...

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While growing up in a town that thrived mainly in the manufacturing industry, I always thought labor unions were important for individuals that were trying to make a good, honest living. I strongly believe that unions played a very important part of structuring and evolving our economic and political systems throughout the decades. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Leaner’s Dictionary a union is an organization of workers formed to protect the rights and interests of its members. When I returned home from the military service and went to work for a manufacturing company, my views on unions drastically changed. I witnessed many instances of individuals abusing the rights of our union with only self interest in mind. I could not understand why the union protected and fought for the individual who was always late or caught drinking during work hours, could not do a job efficiently or was just so lazy they hardly worked and knew the union would back them up. I feel unions have gone astray from their original purpose and need to get back on track. Unions need to look at their members as a
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ENG135 Problem_Solving_Essay - While growing up in a town...

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