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CASE STUDY BROADWAY ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Chapter 3 Case Study 1. What qualities have led to BEC’s success so far? I think that the quality of BEC’s management was the key to the company’s success. Founder of BEC Nigel Broad was an innovative entrepreneur with a very keen sense of forecasting. He had a special ability for identifying new products and trends and entering them into the market at the right time to capitalize on new product revenues. By being an innovative entrepreneur he was able to stay competitive in a very competitive market place. Another qualitative aspect of Nigel’s was the inherent sense and loyalty to his employees. His respect and loyalty to his employees was returned tenfold. He was
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Unformatted text preview: not afraid to take chances on new ideas and new industrial innovations. 2. Is the IS organization at BEC poised to undertake significant systems development in the near future? Yes. I believe that BEC is on the brink of needing a centrally controlled informational system to alleviate the need for informational transfers of data and inputting collected data into another system for data analysis. BEC utilizes many analytic approaches in the operation of the company. Being able to utilize a centralized system for all the informational data would help to mitigate data errors, data loss and increase the efficiency and speed of data collection and analysis....
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