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Italian 107 - remove oneself allontanarsi to feel(well or...

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Italian 101- common verbs English Italian English Italian to rain piovere to complain lamentarsi to return (an object) riportare to worry preoccuparsi to show mostrare to devote oneself (work) dedicarsi to agree essere d’accordo to get tired stancarsi to choose scegliere to remain rimanere to shower fare la doccia to stay restare to take off andare via to say goodbye salutare
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Unformatted text preview: remove oneself allontanarsi to feel (well or ill) sentirsi to dry (oneself) off asciugarsi to have fun divertirsi to get angry arrabbiarsi to sit down sedersi to get married sposarsi to wake up svegliarsi to be called/named chiamarsi to lay down sdraiarsi to get oneself ready prepararsi to realize rendersi conto...
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